Only those with high fashion sense can understand my AMVCA outfit-Susan Peters fires back

Susan Peters’ outfit landed on most worst dressed lists..However,the actress is proud of her look by Toyin Lawani and says only those with high fashion sense can understand it ..She said

“They thought they could bury us,they didnt know we are seeds…#Doroisityourmoney?I AM NOT CREATED TO BLEND IN… I AM CREATED TO STAND OUT!!! IF THE KITCHEN IS TOO HOT MBOK EXIT THE BUILDING.Only people with High Fashion Sense Can Understand. Still thanking my glam squad @tiannahsplacempire @bibyonce @ugomakeme God go bless una plenty …
to everyone supporting the ministry GGMYABIJN Amen. Who can hurt those who have God’s covering? None at all…”
You’ve heard her..If you don’t like the don’t understand fashion..