Make Your Christmas the Tastiest Holiday!

What can make any day in a year a holiday? – Yes, special dates and birthdays are never to forget. But what if we have no special reason to celebrate anything, but a strong desire and mood to live a certain day like a holiday? – Long story short, only tasteful dishes with their smells can turn any day into a holiday.

But what if Christmas is that holiday, the brightest and the longest-expected holiday in a year? Being always full of saintliness and, in a sense, imperative to celebrate – does it always need a feastful dinner? – Without a doubt, yes, you must make a special dinner for your family this day. This is necessary not only to celebrate but to observe the Christmas custom! And what on earth could create the so special Christmas mood better than those tasty dishes on your table?…

Take care of your mains

Main Christmas dishes with their looks and smells will bring you a Christmas mood immediately! A big role play your Christmas recipes list.

1.      Turkey with garlic


Also known as Turkey crown Kyiv, this wonderful dish is a true culinary gift for gourmets and meat-lovers. All you need to cook this dish is the meat of turkey, garlic, butter, and a few sprigs of parsley. Taking not that much time to cook, this dish will just win your and your guests’ hearts!

2.      Wreath of smoked pieces of salmon

Many people love fish more than meat, after all, and this dish won’t be needless for your holiday table for sure. Most likely, it will add to its palette of tastes and aromas! You even don’t need to cook it from scratch. Just buy a pack of smoked salmon, chop up the pieces of fish, add some black olives and sprigs of some greenery – and put it on a big plate in a wreath shape!

3.      Roasted nuts

This is a superb and incredibly easy to make a treat for any tastes and especially for those who don’t eat meat at all. Just bake some nuts (any nuts) in your oven or roast them on a pan – and the incredibly tasteful dish is ready! And yes, it is that simple and that vegan, and, by the way, that beneficial for health and energetic tonus.

Never forget about salads

Salads will never allow you or your guests to get overloaded and can highlight some tones of your main dishes.

1.      The Salad of Italian Pasta

Such a salad can not only serve as a supplement for the main dish but also be like a main dish itself, as it is very nutritious. And aside from this, it is also very aromatic: basil, olives, salami, and capsicum know their business!

2.      Green Bean Salad with Feta and Cherry Tomatoes

Actually, everything about this salad is in its name. Take fresh and crisp bean-pods, add to them cherry tomatoes, feta pops, red onion – and it’s pretty much done! Full of freshness and aromatic juices, it will taste irresistible, lighten, and combine perfectly with any of your mains!

No Desserts – No Christmas!

And Santa has never hidden his care for children and their happiness… But having baked some sweet treats for your Christmas table, you will make you and your adult guests a bit happier too by returning them to their childhood memories about Christmas cakes, and that magical mood around!

1.      Cheesecake with Strawberries

Oh, if you tasted it at least once, it would have won you ultimately! And it is not that complicated to cook: just bake a classical cheesecake and put strawberry jam on the top.

2.      Profiteroles

These small, crispy, and amazingly tasteful cakes with creamy filling and chocolate dressing will immediately give you tons of pleasure with every bite!

Never stay without dinner for any holiday in your life. But you can sometimes get confused with the future menu for your holiday table… And if you ultimately don’t know what to cook on Christmas – just look through this shortlist of ideas!