I touched the lives of 2face,Remedies – Kenny St Best on why she joined politics

Gospel artiste and Vice President of Kennis Music is another celebrity who has joined politics .She recently declared her intention to run for Lagos State House of Assembly under APC. She told Punch why she wants to represent her people..

“Every night I pass through Opebi Road and see young girls (s3x workers) I feel sad and it is worrisome that they keep increasing every year. This constituency is the seat of power for the entire state. I am going to the Assembly and it will be transformation galore.

“During my time with Kennis Music in the past 16 years, I touched the lives of many youths who have become big today. Some I never knew but I saw something in them. Today, 2 Face, Paul Play Dairo, Remedies, Essence are all success stories because we believed in them. Imagine what we can do through governance?”