Madness! Jilted Boyfriend Kidnaps Ex Inside Suitcase, Attempts To Escape The Country With Her

A man has been jailed after he kidnapped his fiancée and wheeled her through an airport in a suitcase when she attempted to end their relationship.

Jilted Wang Li, 29, had been dumped by his girlfriend Mu He, 27, after a bust up at their apartment in the north-eastern Chinese province of Liaoning.

He then travelled nearly 2,000 miles to her hometown of Xi’an where he subdued her, tied her up and bundled her into a wheelie suitcase.

He was only stopped when he tried to leave the city at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport and other travellers noticed something inside the case was moving.

Police witness officer Man Sau said: “When the case was opened the young lady was inside and bound and gagged so she couldn’t even scream.”

He added: “She is very lucky she had been found so early or she might have suffocated or frozen to death on the plane.”

Wang however told the court, that what he did he did for love. “What I did, I did from love. I thought if only I could get her away from her family who have never liked me I might stand a chance to let her see that I loved her,” he explained.

Li has been sentenced to one year in prison.