Bleaching! Girl says she now Interracial Cos She Bleached and She Shits on Dark Skinned people

I am not sure of what I just read I mean this bleaching thing is so O-V-E-R-A-T-E-D! You wanna bleach by all means go right ahead but DO NOT begin to cast other people for being dark or remaining the way they are with their dark skin. Its all about choices! I do not judge you for bleaching,toning or remaining dark and the world goes on..

But when you begin to say you shit on dark skinned people?? Like TF! She even said tar babies,ahahahah you mean people are as dark as tar gurl! #cantdeal!

She called dark people dirty and they will remain Niggers and now she’s interracial cos she’s fair?! I laugh laugh laugh and No those men lied to you! You were ugly and now you still ugly! #Verysillygirl!