My Wife Inspires My Music – Nigerian Musician Alex O

here are things that don’t happen every day and one of them is running into legends, that’s why when we ran into music icon Alex O, we didn’t let go until we got a few talks from him. Here is the brief chat between the legend and Vnolly.

How has life been?

Life has been good, by God’s grace. There are challenges here and there, but God has been merciful and kind.
What have you been working on?

My new songs and videos, and in between, I do post production work on films for other producers.

Tell us about your latest job

My latest job is the video for my song Something. I am also doing post production work for some Nollywood producers.

What inspired it?

The inspiration for my latest song came from the fact that I have been looking for that great song to herald my comeback into the music industry. And if you are in a relationship where love is the cornerstone, you are getting something money no fit buy. My wife gives me a lot of inspiration.

What’s the message being portrayed in the video?

It’s purely for entertainment, listening pleasure and for dancing at a party. It’s also for people to appreciate the relationship that they are in, if it is good to them.

What would you rate the current Nigerian music industry and why?

The Nigerian music industry has grown and can measure up with what obtains in the international scene, even in its unique nature. So, I rate it very highly.

Which music video by a Nigerian artist makes you gush?

A lot of them are really doing very well. Which one do we mention or level out? The standard is quite high up. And that’s great for the industry.

What do we expect from you musically before the end of this year?

I have already started with this song and video. Two more are on the way. It’s a gradual buildup until the full album is ready. You will be updated as we go along.
Thanks for speaking with Vnolly

It’s my pleasure.