True Love Story: The Pretty Banker Who Married A Danfo Driver

Today, he is celebrating his wedding anniversary and to celebrate with them, I am putting this out – to encourage someone out there and to, hopefully, send a message to both ladies and gentlemen of this generation and many others to come.”

This is more than a love story, it’s a life story of patience, virtues, hard work, trust in God and choosing quality over quantity in relationships.Chris Ade’s Story: (It’s long but it’s worth the read).

I was an active member of my students union in my days in UNIBEN, from 1988 to 1992, I took a Bsc Economics & statistics degree and then ended up in Elf Petroleum on Kofo Abayomi, Lagos where I worked in the Information Systems and Telecommunications department. This was my invite into postgraduate in Computer Science, which I excelled in with honours.

My good fortune changed in 1994 when my contract was not renewed because Elf Was facing an uncertain future in Nigeria.

I was just 25 years old and just when I started thinking my life was settling into a nice rhythm, it was punctuated by this unfortunate event. Days turned into miserable months as I couldn’t secure another job. Eventually, I lost my flat and had to move in with a friend.

At the time, I had become a committed Christian worshiping in Winners Chapel, Raji Oba, Lagos. I learnt from Bishop Oyedepo that