She Gets Turned On By My Smelly Armpits – Reader Needs Your Advice On This Girl

kevinhHello MJE,

Good day, I have a story to share with fellow readers but please, I will rather remain anonymous.

This past weekend, Saturday to be specific was an opportunity for me to do some major clean up and arrangement in my house. While I was busy with house chores, my phone rang and this babe I have admired for a long time called to tell me she was around my neighbourhood and will like to visit which I gladly accepted.

When she finally arrived around 1pm while I was just about rounding up the house chores, she wanted to hug me, but I stylishly avoided the hug because at that point I knew I was oozing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a clean guy, I know how to groom my self. I have 3 top designer perfumes and a body spray at my disposal. But it was just natural for me to ooze at that time because I ve not taken my bath yet due to the fact that I was busy with house chores.

While I was about rushing to take my bath, I was flabbergasted when she told me she knows I’m avoiding her because I’m yet to have my bath but that she is actually ‘turned on’ by smelly armpit. I was like WTH! My Konji and desire for her just went from 100 to -10. I was perplexed. I could not just comprehend this anomaly.

Of course I discharged her immediately with the pretense I had an appointment to catch. Please blog readers, who else have experience this before? Is this normal?

Confused guy.