Majek Fashek was an Amazing Husband – His wife opens up (photo)

Despite his not so pleasant condition today, Majek wife’s says he was an ah-mazing husbandMajek’s wife, Rita in an interview with NET described how sweet Majek used to be before he embraced substance abuse and went down the road of despair.

‘I don’t know what went wrong with Majek. I may never know. He is deep into substance abuse. I discovered his dependency on drugs and alcohol after the birth of our second son, Seun: he would leave the house and returned stoned and wasted, ultra-happy and erratic…’

Recalling long gone but memorable days of the singer as the man who charmed her many years ago side by side with the state of hopelessness the family has been thrown into,

Rita added: ‘Majek was the best husband any woman could ever dream of. He was the best husband to me. He was (a) charming, affectionate man that blessed me with great attention then. But his alcoholism and drugs addiction denied us his love, care and humanity. I am tired