This Woman Visited The Salon And Hours Later She Realizes Her Hair Stylist Lied To Her

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Chemese Armstrong is a 35-year-old fitness expert. Health-conscious and always careful, Armstrong is well aware of the fact she’s allergic to Paraphenylenediamine (or PPD), a common ingredient found in hair dye.

So when she recently decided to color her grey hair, her dermatologist recommended black henna-based dye, which is plant-based and chemical-free.


In March 2016, Armstrong visited a salon in Austin, Texas. She asked the stylist to use a henna-based dye and made sure to alert the stylist to her PPD allergy. But horrifyingly, the stylist used a coloring product that contained PPD anyway.

“I was told the henna was all natural and chemical-free but that wasn’t the case,” she said. Armstrong says she was completely lied to. Continue below..

It wasn’t until after Armstrong let the dye sit on her head and washed it out that she started experiencing a slew of terrifying symptoms. She was struck with a severe allergic reaction that landed her in the hospital and forced her to miss work for an entire week.

Armstrong took to social media to share photos as the allergic reaction worsened over the next few days. As you’re about to see, her face was puffy and swollen to the point it took on an alien-like shape.

Her nose and jaw blew up like balloons. Her scalp was burning and itching. Her eyes were swollen shut, and she had to physically pry her eyes open to see. Her doctor feared the reaction would even affect her breathing.

In the video below, Armstrong makes an appearance on “The Doctors” to share her frightening account. This a great warning to always be aware of those who we trust with providing our cosmetic services.

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