What Can I Do About My Present Situation – Full House Wife

Some of you complain I no longer post readers mails. But when there no ‘interesting’ ones nko? Or atleast moving stories. Well a married reader who says she is a full house wife and her husband wouldn’t let her work sends a mail in and I thought I should post. Nobody should abuse me ho, it is what they send that I will post now.

My name is Caroline. I got married to the man I love and we are blessed with two kids. The problem is that my husband does not take good care of me. I am always staying at home – full house wife. I relied on my husband for everything but I don’t like it. My husband is always mad at me whenever I bring up the topic of me doing something. To make the matter worse I cannot afford to buy my undies without collecting money from him.

Lately, my husband has been acting strangely and refused to provide all my needs. Should I start having an extra marital affair because I know some guys who are wealthy and are ready to date me but I was told by my pastor not to leave my husband. I am getting frustrated now. No money on me, not even money to buy fuel in the house for me to watch television. What should I do?