Dating A Broke Guy Is Not A Guarantee He Will Marry You When He Becomes Rich

It happened to two of my friends but let me talk about one..

Their relationship started this time last 5years. When this my girlfriend was just in her under 20’s. So this guy came to her when he had nothing. Though it took this my girlfriend time to actually accept him. Then I would advise her to at least date when she turns 20 at least to know a lot about relationship but due to her love for the guy she accepted him.

Then the guy graduated from university and luckily for him he went for his NYSC shortly when my girlfriend accepted his proposal.. Then this guy would visit her without giving her anything, they were loved up and she was cool with it..she loved him so much that nothing about him pisses her off..

hmmm, so many times this my girlfriend would go to visit him but because he doesn’t have money she would transport herself…the guy then loved her.. Maybe because he was still broke..

I would then ask this bae if she cheats on him but she would say no, even to the extent that she doesn’t club or do any social stuff because of his guy, she prays and encouraged him.

Fast forward to this time last year, the guy started making money ..bought cars and started building ..he has many investments.

Just last two months she called and was crying that the guy had broken up with her and I was like …please calm down and tell me what transpired. .she said that the guy chatted her up to tell her that he likes light skinned ladies…and that he doesn’t love her enough to marry her because of her skin colour..

I called the supposed bf and the guy was actually telling me he Will cheat on her if he eventually marries her…but this bae suffered with him all this while for 4years and he didn’t notice her dark colour until he started making money.