Shocker! Harrysong Reavels Source Of Five Star Music Wealth – Plus Video

Harrison Tare Okiri, famously known as Harrysong, no doubt is a gifted musician and songwriter who has proven himself by writing some smash hits for established acts.

When he joined KeeCee’s led Five Star Music and wrote few of KeeCee biggest hits without receiving enough credit, according to the star singer, he was left with no other choice but to depart Five Star Music. But thereafter, law suits and multiple allegations followed and no one really knows the facts but left with two sides of the story.

However, with the release of Harrysong’s latest smash hit single ‘Arabanko’, it seems Harrysong has decided to bear his mind, through the song, on a couple issues that have been raised during his legal tussle with KeeCee and Five Star Music.

The first issue reported as being responsible for Harrysong departure from Five Star bothers on when it was Harrysong’s talent in song writing and production that made their partnership successful?

Or whether KeeCee’s voice and financial power made their estranged union click?

Harrysong, in the song Arabanko, seems to have given his opinion that KeeCee should have been grateful to him because before his arrival, there was the money and KeeCee’s talent, but after his arrival, all things clicked.

He summarized this when practically called KeeCee an empty vessel and a back stabber in these lyrics “I cook food say make you come chop you use am against me, put me for cooking pot, empty gallon when I help fill water.”