Mother who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth on the toilet for the second time (Photos)


A woman who went to the loo with stomach pains was shocked to find moments later she had given birth.

Baby Ruby, who weighed 3lb 4oz, landed in the toilet bowl, from where she was quickly fished out.

This would be strange enough for most of us, even if we knew we were pregnant.

But for 25-year-old Kirsty Parker it was even more bizarre.

Because not only did she have no idea she was pregnant, but it was also the second time this had happened to her.

Nine months earlier the exact same thing happened – she gave birth to baby Amber in the toilet despite having shown no signs of pregnancy apart from minor weight gain and a few bad moods.

The mother-of-five’s first baby was also born in the bathroom, after labour came on too quickly for her to reach a hospital.

‘I just thought I was coming down with a stomach bug,’ Ms Parker, from Torrington, Devon, said.

Baby Ruby is sister to Kirsty’s seven-year-old daughter Crystal Stevenson, Lee’s two sons (Kirsty’s step-children) Harry, five, and Ronnie, four, and the couple’s nine-month-old baby, Amber.

‘I had been having slight pains since around 2.30pm but I wasn’t worried about them at all.’

She screamed for her mother to come to help, and the two struggled to free the tiny baby from the toilet.

Doctors at North Devon hospital examined Ruby and said she was probably 10 weeks premature.

Unsurprisingly Ms Parker’s boyfriend Lee Wren, 34, didn’t believe the story at first.

‘I thought she was joking, it was just a complete shock,’ he added.

Kirsty agreed, saying she too was ‘still in shock’.

‘It’s more that I just did not know I was pregnant,’ she said.