Mom Checks Live Nanny Cam To See What Her Toddler Is Up To At Home. Then She Notices This

A Los Angeles nanny is under fire after she was caught on camera beating a child with special needs.

According to CBS Los Angeles, when Dyanna Ko looked down at her phone to check in on her 2-year-old son, she was instantly frozen.

Right there, on the screen, Ko watched as her son’s nurse started beating her little boy repeatedly.

“I told the other moms. I said I think I see my special needs baby being abused. I think I’m going to pass out,” Ko said.

The further Ko got into the video, the more she realized just how sadistic the nurse was toward her son.

At one point in the video, the nurse can reportedly be seen rolling up a magazine and swatting the toddler with it.

Although the video was live, Ko was powerless to stop it, since she and her husband were more than 20 minutes away watching their other child’s basketball game.

“My husband was in the parking lot, moving the car at the time. I told them if I passed out look at the video because this is what I see going on,” Ko said.

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Without a moment of hesitation, Ko and her husband called 911 and police raced to the scene to arrest the nurse.

Although the abuse stopped when the nurse was arrested, Ko and her husband feel like they are to blame for the pain their toddler has been put through. continue reading on the next page>>>>