Mercy Johnson getting married, not pregnant

Mercy Johnson’s marriage to Prince Odianosen Okojie is proceeding as planned, We also learned from an insider very close to the couple.

“Mercy has never had a change of heart concerning the wedding, in fact, she never doubted her man for one minute,” said the insider. The insider also told us that Mercy knows the man she’s about to marrying more than many people who are criticizing her, know their own husbands.

 According to the insider, Mercy never broke down at a movie location as claimed by certain people in the media, in fact, Mercy hasn’t been to a location for a while. Secondly, Mercy is not pregnant

And just when we’re about to wave bye to the insider, we were presented with a bombshell. The insider said: “There’s been a court case going on between Lovely and Prince and today, 23rd of August 2011, anything that have to do with Lovely and Prince has been dissolved by a Benin court.”

When Nollywoodgossip asked if it was their marriage that was dissolved or a restraining order was issued against Lovely, the insider promised to get us a copy of the certificate from the court so we can see what the ruling is about.

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  1. Hearty congrats MJ on your wedding. I wish you happiness. May God bless your marriage. Amen. Against all odds, you made up your mind and went ahead with your wedding plans. May you have no cause to regret your decision. Amen. Having seen and heard a lot of similar stories in life, I cannot but ask myself: what if Lovely’s story is correct? I can only give you a word of advice here. Should her story turn out to be true, be as strong as ever, do not let it pull down the empire God has already built for you in the movie industry. You are no doubt a star. And I thank God for your talent. Also, never consider Lovely your enemy. Neither should she see you as one. Remember, you are her kids step mom; a bond that binds you all—Lovely, yourself, Odi and the children—for life. Love beclouds. I know. You may be too much in love to see for now, but, believe me, you will soon realize that this is the truth. May God continue to protect and bless you.

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