Lady Who Got Infected With HIV At 20 Feels Lonely, Needs A Lover

girlllbeakjust received this mail and it’s so heartbreaking and pathetic how some ignorant men can ruin almost an entire family just because they want to have fun- s33x.

Dear MJEMAGAZINE readers,

I am HIV Positive but want to settle down.I would tell you a bit of my story.

In 2004, I was 20 yrs. and in my first year at the university.
I was out of cash so borrowed money from my friend to take a bus to town to my bank. I did, not know that day would change my entire life. You see, I am from a strict moral upbringing, and a v11rgin at that time.

After withdrawing the money I got to the park, someone accosted me, telling me he was stranded, if I can help. I took some money and gave him that was the last thing I recalled. I followed him and was gang-reeped.

Honestly ,I can’t remember most of the details, I don’t know if I was drugged or jazzed(please be careful who you help, or don’t help at all) I only remembered when I felt pain in my pr11vate, but where they took me to? How many they were? Faces? I can’t remember anything, I was so ashamed of telling anyone or even going to the hospital.(please go to the hospital if you were r3ped you can be saved from this life of torture)

Prior to this event, I had a fiancée in the US, I only found out about my status when I went to the American embassy, and was asked to do a comprehensive test. Eventually I told him, he left me.

This event took a toll on my family. My father who was Hypertensive was so depressed it took his life and my Mum? As my father died she never recovered from it. There was no support. I put myself through school and  now a graduate. If I said it was easy I am a liar. I did menial jobs, served as a waiter in hotels; I even worked in construction site.

Why am I putting this up? Well firstly I have searched for a soul mate, most of this dating sites and agents just rip you off the little money you have and secondly, I know I deserve to be happy.

I am appealing to you to use your kind platform to help people like myself, put this up so I can find love again.

What I am looking for is a good man who takes God seriously and also can take care of his own. I don’t mind location or race, He can either be positive or negative, If he is positive he should be someone who takes his health seriously. Even after 11years of living with the disease my CD4 count is always above 800. That is because I take my health seriously.

How does she look? I can describe myself as pretty, 5’9, good morals, also loves God, hardworking and an amazing cook. Please your email below. Please serious people.