How To Keep Your Husband?

Most men are afraid to commit…because their biggest concern is that, their women will start to change and try to change them. I’ve been married for 9 years and counting. Men love to be able to come home to a strong beautiful woman.

Top 10 things men want in a Marriage.

  • 1. A women that trusts them
  • 2. A women that is able to Love them
  • 3. A women that can cook and take care of the house
  • 4. A women that will take care of their children/and keep them clean
  • 5. They need our support / no matter what their going through
  • 6. Allowing them to make decisions/ whether wrong or right! we must all learn from our mistakes.
  • 7. A woman that gives them space / not too much.. but they need Men time.
  • 8. Men need their wives to look good everyday, and keep themselves clean as well.
  • 9. Men need their wives to stop complaining/nagging about everything…
  • 10. Men want to have sleep with their wives, this is part of the reasons you got married / this plays a very important role in a marriage. So stop withholding it.. and remember what we don’t take care of at home they will find it elsewhere.

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