How Do I Get Over a Break Up If She My First Love?

Getting over a break up is hard enough, but trying to figure out how to get over your first love is perhaps the hardest. This is because it is not just an ordinary break up; it is a break up with someone who first showed you what love really means. And now that it is all over, you will be facing the future with uncertainty.

Naturally, you feel devastated and heartbroken. You might be worrying that you will never find someone to love again or you might never see yourself happy with someone else. These feelings are normal. After all, this is the first time you really love someone and it is hard to believe that you can ever feel the same way about somebody else. The truth is, you can, and if you take the following tips, you will.

Never try to get her back. This is the hardest rule to follow and definitely the most violated one. Men try really hard to get her back because they still love their ex. But then love isn’t the only reason why a relationship works. There are several reasons why you broke up and no matter how tempting, proving how much to love her isn’t going to work. You may not be able to understand it right now.

If you do, make an effort to recall why your relationship didn’t work. You miss her, right? But as much as you want to recall all the good memories you have with her, try to think of the bad ones. Bad memories will help you fall out of love.

Don’t ever think you’ll never love again. Okay, we get it, she is your first love but it doesn’t mean she will be your only love. Another reason why men cannot move on is that they think they cannot fall to someone else ever again and so they insist on crawling back, even begging to his ex. Save your dignity; ask men in their 20s and even those who are married.

Most, if not all, experience their first heartbreak, but still are able to find someone to love. You may not realize it now because you are still hurting, but as you and your capacity to love mature, you will be able to appreciate the valuable experience you gain after a breakup. Then again, you will not be able to love again if you are still asking your first love to take you back.

Don’t be afraid to love again. You’re first love didn’t work, but it doesn’t mean that nothing will ever work out. Every woman is unique. But you will never know how your future relationship will play out unless you love again. Sure, there is no guarantee that you will not get hurt, but you don’t simply abandon the possibility of loving and giving yourself a chance to be happy because you are afraid to be hurt again.

The hardest part of moving on that you will have to go back to being single, a status you have probably forgotten.