What would you Do if you Heard your Neighbour Beating up His Wife Late at Night?


This has been going on for sometime now. At about midnight, practically every week now, me and my family members are awakened by loud bangings and crashing, yelling, screams coming from my next door neighbour’s house. This man and his wife have been married for just two years and they have a little daughter.

For some reasons, we usually first hear them exchange words, then the man’s tone gets angrier and the next minute, the beating starts. And it’s very violent cos we hear all kinds of slamming, like when he slams his wife into the wall or door. It becomes more heartbreaking cos most times, their little daughter obviously wakes up and starts weeping, screaming with her mother.

For me, when I hear their voices I just start crying too. I’ve asked my mum to do something but she said she doesn’t want to interfere in other people’s family matters. Actually, before it became this serial now, other neighbors used to gather and pound on this my neighbor’s door once their fight starts. But the man would bark that everyone should mind their business. Even when you see the wife in the morning and ask her what happened or try to advise her, she would always find one flimsy excuse to wave you off or start looking at you somehow.

Sophia Chikere Replies Actress Nuella Njubigbo – Let the Wrath of God be your Portion

So, my mum said we can only pray for her but it’s becoming scarier. I’ve thought of calling the police, but you know how it is in Nigeria here. Please MJE readers, what would you do? How would you deal with this kind of situation?advice please.

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