Ghanaian Guy Shares Touching Story Of How He Met A Stranger Who Has Now Become His Brother

He shared this story to encourage people to love, help each other and not hate!

It was around 9pm in the night when i visited a friend. On my way home along the road I saw someone sleeping on the ground with his face and all parts of his body covered. I stood there for about 2 minutes and decided to take a picture of him and make fun with it with my friends on social media. I walked about a minute away and started thinking outside the box “I came to my senses” and started asking myself questions.. Is the one sleeping there not a human being like me?

What of if I wake up the next day and find out something bad has happen to him? Then I remembered what the scriptures says about the good Samaritan.. And I asked myself can’t I also be a good Samaritan? I turned and went straight to wake him up. He humbly sat down on his mat and I saw his face. At that time he was still feeling sleepy so I couldn’t ask so many questions.

After a short conversation, I realised he was also an able body who is also contributing to the development of our dear Mother Ghana one way or the other. We went home and we slept on one bed and early in the morning he narrated every minute in his life to me and it was very emotional so we were both crying.

I told myself that it is not only the one that came from same mother’s womb is a brother or a sister but provided he or she is human being. I’m in a single room alone so I asked him if he was working and he said yes and I again ask him if he would like to stay with me for a while and he said yes.

We ate in the morning and I asked him to go and bring his belongings .We are very good brothers now and we do everything together. We’ve both visited each other’s home town to see our parents and there have been love since then.