Female musician Accused of bewitching hubby pregnant lover

Songbird Diana Samkange is at odds with her lover’s girlfriend who accused the diva of bewitching her in a battle to win the man at the centre of the love wrangle, Calvin Nyazema.

Diana, of  Donview Park, Tynald, has been accused of sneaking into Wendy Tendai Sanyahokwe’s apartment at No. 113 Zata Street, Mbare and stealing her clothes, which she allegedly took to a sangoma.

This emerged at the  magistrates’ court where Diana had taken Wendy complaining of being insulted via text, which was in violation of a 2011 Harare (magistrates’) civil court order granted in her favour.

Wendy was then fined US$200 after admitting to the contempt of court charge she was facing. The heavily pregnant 28-year-old woman also risks being jailed for three months if she fails to pay the fine. In addition, she was also slapped with a wholly suspended four months.

The messages are too obscene to be published in a family newspaper, and centre around s3x, witchcraft and jealousy.

In mitigation, Wendy pleaded with the court to consider that she shares a husband with Samkange and is heavily pregnant.

Wendy said her conduct was influenced by hormonal changes that are triggered by pregnancy.

Prosecutor Shambidzeni Fungura proved that Diana is customarily married to Calvin Nyazema and Wendy is the other woman.

Sanyahukwe’s affair with Nyazema prompted Samkange to obtain a peace order through the Civil Court in 2011.

Despite the order, Wendy Sanyahukwe continued sending obscene messages to Diana Samkange through the WhatsApp platform, breaching the court order.