Why I Dumped Him At The Altar -Woman Explains

Sometime in 2015, a woman, Bunmi, dumped her fiancé at the altar on the wedding day.She has been criticised terribly by people and family and decided to reveal the reason behind her action.

She said that she was 30 years old and was pressurized by her family and relations to get into marriage.

They forced her to accept a guy whom she said she did not like , not for any reason, just that she did not like him and was not happy with him.

According to her, on that wedding morning she was so sad that her stomach got upset, she ran into the bathroom and remained there. She was there till 11am while the wedding should have already begun by 10am.

The people who were with her that morning threatened to break the door and after sometime, she came out. She was rescued by her sister from being forced to the church and was then asked to call her fiancé and cancel the marriage. This she did.

Bunmi said that she needed happiness. After this explanation, she got it real hot from people while some supported her.