How Come My Husband Isn't Affectionate Anymore? Help

I’m so confused… my husband isn’t affectionate towards me anymore… he cares for me like he cares for his family, but does not love me… He is always happy when he goes out with his friends, but when he goes out with me he always says “lets go home,”

“I’m tired” or keeps watching the time and I never see a single genuine smile at me. At night, he always wakes up for his friends or for his work for ungodly hours, but when he is free he always sleeps late. He doesn’t want to just sit and talk to me, or cuddle with me and sleep together.

Our s00x life is also nonexistent. Why isn’t my husband affectionate? I don’t know whether its true or not, but I think he doesn’t love me. I don’t know what I did wrong. How can I make it right because I want this marriage to work? I love him and I cant live without him” -Theresa