This 8 Year Old Boy Was Starving In An Orphanage Last Year. Watch His Amazing Transformation!

After seeing a heartbreaking photo on Facebook of a starving seven-year-old orphan with special needs, Priscilla Morse flew all the way to Bulgaria to adopt him.

When she made it to the Bulgarian orphanage to sign all the adoption papers and finalize the process, Ryan weighed just seven pounds and had extra hair all over his body due to malnutrition. His skin looked ghostly and pale, and due to his condition, doctors didn’t have much hope for him.

However, in spite of all this, Priscilla and her husband felt called to adopt Ryan. They both felt confident that Ryan could improve with the proper love and care, and plus, they had both already adopted their seven-year-old daughter McKenzie in 2012 from an orphanage in Russia. She has Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect, but this didn’t stop her adoptive parents from trying to give her the life she deserves. They want the same for their new son, Ryan.

Already after just over a year with his new family in Tennessee, Ryan is showing dramatic improvements. He’s been steadily gaining weight, and currently weighs 23 pounds. He’s starting to babble like a baby and even moves a little bit on his own. He smiles now just like any healthy, happy 8-year-old boy should, and pictures of him taken this month show just how much he’s improved over the past year. CONTINUE READING ON THE NEXT PAGE.