Kidnappers Threatened Nkiru Sylvanus Family That They Would Impregnate Her

Nkiru Sylvanus kidnapFresh facts are emerging with regards to thekidnap of Nkiru Sylvanus:

“Initially, the family paid N7million to the kidnappers and the police who laid ambush swooped on them at the point of collection and recovered the money that was locked in the trunk of their car as they escaped…

“After we returned the money to the family, they went behind us and paid N8milliom to the kidnappers. Surprisingly I saw Nkiru in my office after she was released, and I was told they paid N8million to secure her release”.

Those were the words of the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Baba Adisa Bolanta, while frowning at the decision of the actress’ family to pay ransom to her kidnappers against police warnings.

However, from what credible sources said, the Police boss didn’t really understand Nkiru’s predicament in the hands of her abductors. They said her family was forced to defy the police and pay ransom to the kidnappers “when the issue of defilement came in”.

The kidnappers allegedly “tampered” with Nkiru and even threatened her family that they would impregnate her if the ransom was not paid “immediately”. At this stage, the sources said, the actress family was no longer sure the Police could rescue her unhurt, hence they paid N8million.

At the moment only a few persons know about the rape angle of the kidnap saga. More details coming..

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