4 Things Every Woman Must Know About Man

Did you know men want respect more than love? That they are more insecure than most women think they are? And they struggle with their emotions on a scale which is not understood by many women?

Men can be very complex to understand when you look at it from a female perspective. But the fact of the matter is that there are many interesting things about men most women aren’t even aware of.

Read the following tips and discover all the things you didn’t know about men so far…


  •  A man can have sex with you without being attracted to you emotionally…

Isn’t it quite the opposite when it comes to the case of females? Did you know that a man can be extremely physically attracted to you on one end and not really like you at all emotionally or the other end?

This is basically the main reason why a man will not hesitate to have sex with you even if he does not plan on having a long term relationship with you. And this very fact confuses a lot of women.

As for most women this is actually the opposite, they can’t imagine having sex with a guy unless they like him at one level or another.

  •  A man will always struggle to understand what you’re feeling unless you show a strong emotion & convey the message to him in clear terms…

One of the most common complaints women have against men is that they are never good listeners and always struggle to understand what’s going on in the female mind.

But the fact of the matter is that most men will have absolutely no clue what is going on in your head unless you make it absolutely obvious to him by showing some kind of a strong emotion to him.

  • Men don’t like to be pushed into doing things they need to know that they are in control…

Do you know that if you try to make a man do something you want him to do you will always fail at it? In fact, the only way to make him do what you wanted to is to make him feel like you are not trying to force him into anything.

Men don’t like to be told what to do ever. In fact, they always want to feel as if they are in control of their actions and don’t want to be pushed around.

  •  The less you care the more he will start to care…

It’s funny how this concept is so true. The less you care about him, and the less you care about keeping him around the more he will start to care about you. When he knows that you don’t really need him, he will subconsciously start needing you.

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