Buka Owner Runs Mad, After Confessing To Using Mortuary Water To Take Customers' “Destinies”

Owner of a popular buka in Portharcourt who confessed last Saturday to using diabolical means to entice customers, as well as take their “destinies.” Sounds like the story line of a Nigerian movie, but people, this happened for real.

According to eye witnesses, the Lady above, who is from Akwa Ibom, suddenly ran mad while at her buka located at Aleto in Eleme Local Government area of Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.

They say she suddenly started acting bizarre, tore her clothes and started confessing how she employed diabolical means for the growth of her business. In her confession, she said she mixes water used to bathe corpses with her food, as well as water from her pr1vateand m3nstruati0n bl00d. She said she did all these to attract customers whose “destinies” she used for the growth of her business and riches.

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She then ran around town uncl0thes, confessing her atrocities, appearing to have lost her sanity. The news of her confession spread around the area, and some of her customers((including Okada men) and angry onlookers descended on her and gave her the beating of her life, before Police men intervened and took her away.

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  2. Such a wicked world!!!! is it only men that have been eating there,its applicable to both female/male. May God almighty just continue to pay the wicked in their own corn. NO WICKED ONE SHALL GO UNPUNISHED,,,,,,

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