8 Security Tips After The Winner Emerges In The Election 2015 [MUST READ]

Nigerians has vehemently voted for the desired leader they want and sooner or later the winner of the 2015 presidential election will emerges..that will call for celebration n joy all over the country.

But as you go around celebrating there are some hoodlums hoovering around to cause havoc.

Probably because the election didn’t go on there favour or for some other reasons. Here are some security tips after the winner emerges.

1. Do not drink your self to stupor weather jonathan or buhari wins. Many hoodlums usually take advantage of
drunk men and tonight wont be an exclusion. Drink responsibly.

2. Always be security conscious as many tout uses this period to kidnap people.

3. Don’t overspeed while driving. The joy of the candidate you support winning can overwhelm you as that can make
you overspeed and perhaps causes accident. Drive responsibly

4. Avoid public gathering. There are haters every were and there sadness triggers when they see you happy. Be careful.

5. Don’t go around arguing about who you knew will win and loose as this arouses anger and possibly leads to fight
n perhaps murder. Be wise. Don’t abuse the other simply because his party lost. Its just an election

6. Stop publishing fake news. Be careful as God is watching you

7. Don’t allow your self to be used by politician to accomplish there selfish interest because if being caught.
You will rot in jail alone.

8. Don’t go about eating anyhow..poison is real.