I Never Know My Girlfriend of 4 yrs Was A Runs girl – Should I For give her

I met a lady during a trip and we got talking and later had a relationship “oh i must say she acted like an Angel that even my mum fell for her tricks” I thought i had met the perfect girl back then, i was wrong…to cut the long story short, we dated for 4 years and i never knew she was a big time runs girl as she always forced me to church and pray.

She also dresses like a saint.
I noticed each time we are not together and I call her to say I love you babes, her reply were always “really, hmmmm”.

There was a time I was called that she fainted and had been rushed to the hospital, when I got to the hospital and saw her, i cried so hard because she looked so terrible and I was hurt. I was told she had ruptured appendix but i later got to know she had ectopic pregnancy.

My friends keep telling me about her escapades but i waived it aside. But I started getting curious late 2011. I paid a hacker to get into her Facebook…lo and behold that very night she was chatting with my friend and how she missed sleeping with him because she wasn’t close by. And from her FB mailbox i got to know she bedded 5 of my guys.

I kept my cool and acted as if nothing happened. I invited her over to my place, and confronted her with the information i had but she raised her voice and started shouting. Then i brought out her 33 page conversations with different guys on fb. That was when she knelt down and started crying and begging. So i broke up with her..but she keep calling for forgiveness..to be honest i still love her. I don’t know what to do.Do you think she will change her ways?.please advice. Please comment below..

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  1. You will remain a fool if by any way you take her back in to ur life. Was it the way she was given you enough or different style of sex that fricking you to the extend of not want to let her go? Well, i will simply advise you to let her be and start your new love affair with another decent girl you can call a wife

  2. If u love her go 4 her take ha 2 church 4 deliverance people like dat end up been a good house wife but if u go 4 another shi myt end up breaking ur heart 4 d 2 time be wise know woman is saint

  3. Is it that you are scared to be single for a while or you just love her and want her back? I don’t get guys that accept their girlfriends that mess around like dogs! 

    Are you scared that it’s going to take a while to catch another fish,or that your investment in her has gone to waste,or I would not find a good girl out there because they are far worse than her?

    This girl bedded 5 of your male friends. And you will call her your wife,mother your children, if you marry her! If you are ok with her sleeping with other men after you are married,then no need to raise an alarm.

    Anyway,whatever your decision,just think it through and pray to God for direction. 

    Personally,I will forgive but will not get back to her! 

    You should look in to her eyes and ask yourself if she is proverb 31 women”! 

    Firstly,sex before marriage is an abomination to God! And it also says,a woman should be divorced only when she fornicate. And she is not even married,she would do even worse if she’s married!

    God have mercy on your children,specially the young adults!

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