How to Know if He Really Loves You

Love is one of the strongest emotions that a person can experience. And this feeling just gets more intense with the passage of time. If you have been in a relationship for some time now and you are beginning to wonder, does he love me for real or is just a farce that he is putting up, then that is your first clue to the fact that there is something wrong in the relationship. It could be a simple lack of communication or something more serious.

But the very fact that you even thought of asking yourself that question is that you are not secure with the way your relationship is progressing, if it is. Because if you weren’t insecure and ridden with doubt, you wouldn’t be reading this. A woman who knows that her man loves her never questions it, because the love is very ridiculously obvious in the actions of her man. Nevertheless, not all men in love really make it a point to express their love to the women in their lives.

Hence the bouts of self doubt occur and faith in the relationship begins to dwindle and they end up taking numerous does he really love me quizzes in an attempt to reaffirm and reassure themselves about their relationships. This Buzzle article will help you identify with some of the best ways to know if your man loves you.

How to Know if He Really Loves You

“I know that he likes to spend time with me. I know that he’s attracted to me. But does he really love me?” If this has been going on in your head like a broken record, then it’s time to take a long and hard look at your relationship. Let’s read ahead and get to know what are the unmistakable signs of being in love that men exhibit. Then you can decide if your man passes the, ‘does he really love me’ test or not.

He Says It

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is does he ‘say’ that he loves you. If he doesn’t say it to you, then that’s your first and biggest clue. Telling someone that you love them is a big step for anyone. And though men may shrug it off as unimportant and claim that it’s easy to say, they know that when they truly do love a woman, that’s the only time they can say it with complete sincerity. If he says it, he probably does love you. If he looks you in the eye as he says it, he does love you. If he says it to you almost everyday, even if you both have just had the strongest disagreement about something, he definitely loves you. The only person who knows if he loves you is him. So if he says he does, and you can see it in his eyes, you have nothing to worry about.

He Shows It
Women will never understand the absurd tactics of how men show love. So, if he says he loves you, and forgets to call you to say good night, but is on time the next morning to drop you off at work, don’t be too hard on him. Instead of focusing on what he doesn’t do, try to focus on the things that he does. If he expresses a healthy jealousy, a strong protectiveness, a genuine chivalry, and a carefree and playful attitude around you, and tells you that he wants you, but simply does not TELL you that he loves you, once in 2 days, you shouldn’t even be reading this.

He Values It
One of the best ways to answer the question how to know if he loves you, is to know whether he values your importance in his life. Does he talk to you often (need not be everyday), does he share his problems with you, does he consult you about things as small as a tie to match a shirt or something like moving to another city for work, does he ask you what you’d like to do before he goes ahead and plans the entire day according to his likes, does he take care of you when you need him, does he cherish the time that you both spend together? If you’ve been answering yes to these questions, he loves you. So quit worrying about, ‘does he love me or not’.

He Respects It
Women who are going through a bad phase in their relationship, often tend to wonder am I in love with him? Well, the only way to know the answer to that is to ask yourself if he respects you as a person and as a partner. If you ask him to avoid smoking around you, does he indeed avoid it? If you tell him to do the chores because you’re late for work, does he do them? Does he thank you for the things that you do for him? Does he respect your decisions regarding physical intimacy? Does he ask your opinion about certain important things in his life? Does he let you speak your mind in an argument or even in a casual debate that you both have? YES? He respects you and your opinions, which make it pretty obvious that he does love you.

He Fears Losing It
One of the most obvious signs a man is in love is that he has an inherent fear of losing the love that he has found. Has he told you that he would never want to lose you? Has he stayed awake with you, just because you were afraid at night? Has he made it very clear that he simply won’t tolerate anyone misbehaving with you or bothering you? Does he express a jovial jealousy over you meeting other male friends or colleagues? Has he told you that he wouldn’t know what to do without you? Has he ever told you that you make his world a much simpler place? If most of your answers were yes, he definitely loves you, so you need to stop fretting over it!

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