Henri Haiti, Carnibal Killer Of German Adventurer,Gives Himself Up

The suspected cannibal killer of a German adventurer Stefan Ramin whose bones and teeth were found in the ashes of a fire on a South Sea island has given himself up.

After a 50-day dragnet for Henri Haiti, 31, he turned up at his father’s home and told him to call the authorities.

‘My son is at home, he wants to surrender,’ his father said in a phone call to police.

Officers, joined by soldiers, found traces of makeshift camps in the island forests during his time on the run, but he always stayed one step ahead of them.

They found several buildings which he broke into to steal food.

‘In the end, the pressure of the hunt was too much for him,’ said Jose Thorel, the local prosecutor.

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He will appear before magistrates accused of murder and sexual assault before the end of the day on Wednesday.

Haiti is accused of killing around-the-world sailor Stefan Ramin, 41, after he docked his yacht in a beautiful bay on the island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia.

Although authorities denied it was cannibalism in a bid to preserve the tourism industry, speculation was rife that Haiti – who has a tattoo of a cannibal warrior on his chest – had indeed eaten parts of his victim in a bizarre ritual.

Henri Haiti, pictured with a tattoo depicting a warrior from the Kaioi tribe who were known for eating their victims, was due to face magistrates today accused of murdering German adventurer Stefan Ramin on a South Sea island.

source: dailymail.co.uk