Gifts Your Husband Wants This Valentine

It’s so frustrating when your husband shrugs and says, “Whatever” when you ask him what he wants for Valentine’s Day. You want to get him something worthwhile that will put a goofy grin on his face, but you find yourself lost in an internet rabbit-hole trying to find something decent. For some reason, he won’t reveal the secret of what men really want.

But we’re here to blow that secret. Here are 12 things your husband is hoping for:

1. An adventure

Every guy is secretly seeking a little excitement. Take him paragliding or on a treasure hunt through the woods.

2. An inside joke

Give your hubby something personal that’s sure to make him laugh.

3. Cool tech

A man loves cool gadgets, and that’s what he really (really) wants. Buy him a walkie talkie or an awesome solar-powered flashlight that can charge his phone.

4. You to do things that he likes