Bible better than Wedding Rings as Marriage Symbol – RCCG Kaduna

Kaduna The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) sees the Bible as a better marriage symbol for married couples than wedding rings, an official of the church said Saturday in Kaduna.

The official, Mrs Aanuoluwani Olaniyan, who is wife of the Pastor in charge of the Kaduna Province 11, made the disclosure while presenting a paper titled “Family Affairs”.

She presented the paper at the 2012 Province-based Ministers’ Conference in Kaduna.
Olaniyan said the church uses the Bible, which encompasses “the word of God which cannot change’’, as marriage symbol.

“Wedding rings can be changed, removed or lost, but the word of God which are contained in the Bible cannot be changed, altered or lost,” she said.

The official urged intending couples to adhere to all the rules and guiding principles of RCCG-sanctioned wedding before going into marriage.

“The Redeemed Church can call off any wedding that will not conform to its principles which are godly principles,’’ she said.(NAN)