Amazing Turmeric Benefits For Youthful Skin & Great Hair

Turmeric has been used for generations as an antibacterial agent. Turmeric powder is still used to heal small cuts and burns. Turmeric heals wounds and helps to keep bacterial infections at bay.

2. Anti-Aging:

Turmeric provides a great relief to aging skin. turmeric powder, for many years, have been a part of the beauty regimen. Even today brides and grooms celebrate turmeric’ as a ceremony where the turmeric powder paste is applied to their faces and body. turmeric powder or paste if mixed with equal amounts of castor oil a great exfoliate and makes skin glow. Use this pack before bathing. Apply the pack generously over the face and body and then wait till it dries off. Then bathe without using any soap or body wash. For the face, you should scrub in circular motion.

3. Facial Hair Control:

If applied daily, it has been seen that turmeric helps to slow the growth of facial hair which is a problem faced by many women. One needs to apply haldi daily over a period of time to see the difference. You will find the recipe here.

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