Adaeze Yobo Becomes Africa Fashion Week 2014 Celebrity Ambassador

adaeze fashion ambassador
Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2008), Adaeze Stephanie Yobo, has joined the echelon of world class super
celebrities on the Africa Fashion Week Ambassadors List.

24 year old Adaeze achieved her childhood dream of becoming the most beautiful girl in Nigeria in 2008, at the
age of 18, beating 29 other beautiful Nigerian women to the crown. She also represented Nigeria at Miss World 2008 in South Africa, making the top twenty list in Miss World Talent, and placed second in Miss World Sports.

Adaeze Yobo who is also a UN Ambassador for Peace, established her own charity during her reign as Most
Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. Known as the Adaeze Igwe Foundation, the foundation of which is most passionate, sought to create awareness and garner support for Sickle Cell Anaemia, Aids and Breast Cancer patients. The foundation also raises funds towards similar causes such as Malaria and Tuberculosis. Its mission was to “create and increase access and opportunities to Nigerian Youth and Communities for addressing their needs and challenges towards sustainable development.

adaeze fashion w
Adaeze whose beauty and fashion sense is subject of many celebrity magazines and blog features, met and married Joseph Yobo in Jos, after a brief courtship, and in 2011, was ranked 92, in a list of 101 Sexiest Soccer Wives and Girlfriends, according to Bleacher Report. Adaze and Joseph Yobo are now parents to their first child, Joey, and live in Istanbul Turkey, where Joseph is furthering his football career.

In enlisting Adaeze as Celebrity Ambassador, Africa Fashion Week London, the biggest African inspired fashion event in the UK for three years running since 2011 and parent event to Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, which is also the biggest platform supporting up and coming fashion talents in Nigeria, is furthering its key objective of inspiring the teeming youth talent all over the world, especially in Africa, by presenting celebrity offerings and success stories as benchmarks for positive youthful aspirations.

Speaking on the appointment, the founder of Africa Fashion Week London, Ronke Ademiluyi, says: “I am delighted to have Adaeze on our platform. Her beauty,achievements and strategic status makes her a miracle and a rare find. Millions of our youthful followers all over the world will be inspired by her” Adaeze will be joining the ranks of other Celebrity.

Ambasadors on the AFWL platform such as Ghana Ex Beauty Queen Menaye Donkor, Congo DCR Ex Beauty Queen, Supermodel and UN Ambassador for Peace, Noella Coursaris Musunka, Bassist and lead vocalist of the Noisettes British Band Shinghai Shoniwa, Sky Tv Presenter, Lukwesa Burak and Ugandan Born Editor of the London Based New Africa Woman Magazine, Regina Jane

In her capacity as AFWL ambassador, Adaeze will be working closely with some of the world’s best celebrities of African Origin such as Yinka Shonibare, artist and Member of the British Empire (MBE) and director of the Tiwanis Art Gallery London, and Princess Fifi Ejindu, Nigerian Born, World Class Architect and Real Estate Entrepreneur and Life patron of Africa Fashion Week London. Together they will all gear efforts towards increasing and strengthening the pedestal for launching the careers of young African inspired fashion designers

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Adaeze Yobo Becomes Africa Fashion Week 2014 Celebrity Ambassador

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