25-year-old woman kicked boyfriend out of bed for noring', then this happened (photos)

It all started with a loud and irritating snoring that woke up Lisa Lee, a mother of one. Her boyfriend, she thought, was purposely doing it to irritate her.

After a while, Lee couldn’t take it anymore, so she kicked Lewis Little, her boyfriend, out of the bed and ordered him to shut up. She had no idea that Little was only taking his very final breath.

Little, 25, did not move a muscle when Lee shouted at him to stop snoring. The inaction prompted her to take a closer look at him, only to discover that her boyfriend was no more. His heart had stopped beating.

“I felt that the sheets were wet, from Lewis’s bodily fluids. I knew something was wrong. I turned the lights on and his face was purple. He wasn’t breathing,” Lee recalls.