14 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Black Eye Bag

Do not rub it on the eye or skin.
Take a break for about 20 minutes and then again hold ice pack to your eye for 10 minutes.
Apply ice pack or cold compress after every 1-2 hours and continue this for 24-48 hours from the time of getting blow to your eye. After this duration, you need to switch to warm compress from cold one.

Never apply raw meat or beefsteaks on your black eye as this increases the risk of getting infection.
2. From Cold to Hot: Warm Compress for Your Black Eye

Day 2 or precisely after 24-48 hours, you need to switch from ice pack to warm compress for your black eye. While ice pack prevents further bleeding by constricting blood vessels, there comes a time when blood no longer leaks from your veins, it is now collected around your eyes. At this point of time, warm compress increases blood circulation into the damaged blood vessels. This is helpful as the pooled blood trapped under your skin gets re-absorbed fast. Thus, warm compress will speed up the healing of your black eye.
How to Apply Warm Compress to Black Eye?

Get this:
Warm water
Clean cloth or a towel
Do this:
Take the warm water in a vessel big enough to dip your cloth or towel comfortably.
Dip the cloth/ towel into this warm water, take out and squeeze to drain off excess water. You need a warm damp cloth.
Place this warm cloth on your black eye and let it be there till it cools down. Don’ apply warm compress directly to the eye but only to the skin around your eye.
Repeat the process again. Keep doing for at least 10 minutes.

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